What is City Voices?

New York City Voices: A Peer Journal for Mental Health Advocacy is statewide in circulation and reporting. It was founded in 1995 by Ken Steele, a paranoid schizophrenic who lived inside the delusions and hallucinations of his disease for 32 years. It has become a journal where mental health consumers, ex-patients/survivors, family members, and professional helpers can let their voices be heard, providing mutual support for living the most empowered and independent lives possible. This journal is inclusive of all ideas and opinions which advance the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families.

General Staff:

  • Founder: Ken Steele
  • Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Spieler
  • Original Website Creator: Richard Lenat
  • Current Web Designer/Webmaster: Diana Jackson
  • Layout Editor: Lawrence Kim
  • Photographer: Marty Cohen
  • Poetry Editor: Kurt Sass

Columnists/Associate Editors

  • "Alternative Healing" Column: Sue Batkin, CSW
  • "Ask the Doctor" Column: Steve Goldfinger, MD
  • "Ask the Housing Experts" Column: Daniel Stern & Elizabeth Peterson
  • "Ask the Pharmacist" Column: Steve Kaufman, RPH
  • "Ask the Therapist" Column: Rita Seiden, CSW, PhD
  • "Bruni in the City" Column: Christina Bruni
  • "Editor at Large" Column: Marvin Spieler
  • "Justice for All" Column: Daniel Phillips
  • "Gay/Straight Human" Column: Christian Huygen
  • "Roving Photographer" Column: Marty Cohen
  • "Peers on Relationships" Column: Michelle Bruenn & Jenny Chan
  • "Veterans' Issues" Column: Kenyatta Yamel
  • "Ward Stories": Kurt Sass

Editorial Board Members

Mariann Coleman, Tom Furey, Steve Goldfinger, Steve Homan, Kurt Sass, Marvin Spieler and Will Jiang.

New York City Voices is statewide in circulation and news reporting.

New York City Voices is made possible through our subscribers, donors, advertisers, foundation and corporate grants.

The content on this website represents the diversity of viewpoints on the subjects of mental health and mental illness and
does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of City Voices or its staff and volunteers.
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