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I submit to you a trio of new "voices," each with a personal story, each with a dramatic and powerful way of expressing him/herself. Two of these poems reached me through the U.S. Postal System, and one via E-Mail. I met (name withheld) on-line one night when we were chatting, poet-to-poet, and it so happened he had a poem which was tailor-made for New York City Voices. (Oh, the power of the internet -- and if you have access to a computer, you can do the same!) I hope you enjoy these wonderful poems as much as I do… and "may the future open to us all…."

Lint Brush

By Paulette Cox

I'm like that Lint that kept
Clinging to your coat
Longing for hugs
Arms to wrap around to your fur
You'd wipe the Lint away.
The lint is in the way.
It's like a blemish, an annoyance
You keep brushing and brushing
Until piles of Lint
Accumulate into a mountain
Unique each piece of Lint was
But don't you all see
You were all
Brushing away me.

The Key

By Doreen Polianich

The key to the future is in myself.
I let it slip from my hand
Many, many times.
I must pick it up and hold it
but my will slips
Like a slippery fish.
The key is there,
Ready to unlock a beautiful room
Filled with tapestries and ornament.
In the room there are windows
Letting in the sun
And opening to my view
Are horses that run,
Freely, freely,
Even if the weather be dreary.
May I be as free as a stallion
Though raindrops may be
Counted in millions.
May I be free
With the beautiful key
And may the future
Open for me.
(The third poem has been removed at the request of the poet.)
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