Ward Stories
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Kurt Douglas Sass, Poetry Editor
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Cynthia S Rayne comes to us from Massachusetts. Cynthia says she is bipolar, was diagnosed around 1993, and has other family members who are also bipolar. The majority of Cynthia's poetry was written after her diagnosis. Cynthia is a member of the New England poetry club and has had several of her poems published by the National Library of Poetry. One of her poems, "Black and White," was even produced on stage in a play.

I Shall Overcome
When life around me seems weary and bleak
Short winter days have almost reached their peak
Not a slight hint of sunlight anywhere around
So certain of your love as it always abounds
I shall overcome.
Unaware of the joy that life on earth will bring
My low self esteem makes times entity nothing
Saddened by what I have failed to accomplish
I gaze into your soul and make one perfect wish
That I shall overcome.
When I'm held in your arms the sadness melts away
So entranced by your love I know that sunshine's here to stay
You're excited by this world and all it shows to you
Delighting in your hope you're my mentor, know it's true
And I shall overcome.

Life is a series of plusses and minuses; Crevices and mounds;
Frustrations and elations
A rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.
The past we are certain ofógood and bad memories, joy, despair
Trials and tribulations of the moment
That kept us encompassed by the "then" present leading us towards
The actions or inactions of today
Which will most certainly affect tomorrow's outcome.
The destiny of what future brings is both exciting and frightening
Keeping us edgy, anxious,
Thinking once again the trap door is about to drop.
Iíve been told1nere are no absolutes in life
Other than death and taxes.
Where does one find the strength, the will
To continue forward into tomorrow
Overriding the obstacles and daily quandaries
That are wrapping paper and ribbon of life?

I wanted to run scared away from you,
Afraid that you would make me show my vulnerable side.
No secrets then; could I become completely open
With another human being of the opposite sex?
Never learning to trust before; always disappointed.
Blaming myself for this; skittish and unsure.
Recoiling from any opportunity which would allow
Someone to love me for myself.
Not realizing that these potential feelings
Had been ignored far and away.
Knowing that I would ultimately be rejected
For something I had done or said.
Wishing for the courage not to run, at last.

A Grandparentís Prayer
Tiny babies are very easy to love
Conceived from a prayer to the Angels above.
They light up existence by the things that they do-¨
Change so much daily, how they gurgle and coo!
Bringing joy and delight wherever they go-¨
Symbolizing new life with much room to grow.
A smile or grimace, it doesn't matter which-¨
Whether XX or XY, they happily bewitch.
Offer guidance and protect them _long their life's path.
See how well they teach us as we smile and we laugh.

Although we've recently met
It seems we have always been mends
Through life's trials and tribulations-¨
A limitless journey never ends.
Difficult to explain, tough to imagine
Feeling close, teaching out to one another
Through the thick and the thin.
Just want to let you know
How much you mean to me
Sometimes we take each other for granted
Even though that isn't meant to be
Both very human, each in our own unique way.
You lift my dampened spirits and brighten any
Otherwise or1inary day, so thank you
With all the feelings I possess
For your love and caring, sensitivity and devotion,
But most of all for your humanness.
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