Peer Gathering and Expo
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Ever since the Mental Health Empowerment Project sponsored the first state-wide peer conference in Troy, New York twenty years ago, this annual gathering has been looked forward to by consumers, survivors and ex-patients across the state. And it has grown as our movement has grown, reflecting the diversity of opinions about mental health issues held by our peers, and providing unique opportunities to share, to network, and to help one another to grow and reach our unique potentials in the face of often devastating psychiatric diagnosis and prognosis. For the past several years it has been held at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa in Kerhonkson, New York.
Joining MHEP in bringing this event to us is the Empowerment Center, offering training and technical assistance to groups across the state.

For further information contact
MHEP at 1-800-MHEP INC or the Empowerment Center at 1-877-HELP 800
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