Ward Stories
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Cindy Sostchen, Poetry Editor
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During times of inner turmoil, it is common for people to question things -- themselves, the world around them, and their purpose in life. This questioning process is seen in both Angela's and my poems, but what is common to both is the recognition that we are in charge of our own destinies. The moral here is: when in doubt, chose the positive over the negative, chose health over sickness, chose hope over despair.

The Primal Scream

By Cindy Sostchen

...sometimes it is good
to let the baby sparrow die
so a new day can hatch

laughter died when it was too afraid to live
but even when fear took it
to the edge of a cliff
it clung to a broken cloud
by threads of itself

when the quagmire of troubled youth
combined with Einstein logic
it formed a feeble waif,
jumbled, kaleidoscoped, hardened and trapped
between carousels, pony tails,
and the grown-up on the other side

when the median line grew crooked and thick
curtains turned to walls
and walls into graves
but the "I" still breathed and clawed with passion

when I held the verdict of "yes" versus "no"
in my etherized hands
I knew
that born-again laughter was only as far away
as the "I" will push it.

(The Primal Scream by Cindy Sostchen was previously published in Voices
International (a small press journal), Little Rock, Arkansas, 1988).


By Angela Cerio

Light in all it forms,
Universes of harmony,
The simple mind that was before
Evaporates in mystery.

Am I that or something more?
I know that I am me.
Will I be lost in chaos
As my world comes clear to me?

All that is, is found within
All that will ever be.
Will I be lost in Chaos
As my worlds come clear to me?

Yet out of Chaos I did spring,
The me I am today,
Still drawn back into that world
In which I found my way.

But is it "real?" I question still
Even as I know.
Life is the mystery to me,
Unraveled as I grow.
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