Editor-At-Large: As I See It "They're Dying Like Flies"
(Column: Editor-At-Large: As I See It)
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If someone as vitally alive as Julius Green, Assistant Director of the Howie T. Harp Center, experienced depression, couldn't overcome it and committed suicide, what does that say for me? I also experience depression at times for a few days in a row. It goes in cycles.

At times you have to develop strategies to stay alive. Over a period of time I have learned to trust my psychiatrist and the medicines he prescribes. My therapist believes in me. This is all-important. Friends care for me, as well as I do for them. They can tell from my voice how I feel. They know me and my moods.

It feels like every time I pick up the telephone I will hear of another death. Saying the Expression, "They're dying like flies" is really a harsh, unfeeling way of expressing my grief. I am also angry and feel selfish, but four deaths of friends and relatives in a year is just too much. I want my wife, mother and two friends back. They were all good people.

I know there is no rhyme or reason to what is happening. The people I loved and who were dear to me are gone. My mother died four months before my wife, and two friends shortly afterwards.

Consumers like Howie The Harp, Ken Steele and Julius Green are gone. I really didn't know Julius. We passed each other a few times, said hello and went our way. However, when I heard of his suicide, I was shocked as well as fearful. Would I survive my personal losses? Would I need a dreaded psychiatric hospitalization?

If Julius Green, so vitally alive and productive, could succumb to suicide, what about me? What about other peers? He seemed to have everything in the world going for him. Depression can be a killer. We all know.

Reach out for help if your mood is low continuously. Speak to your therapist, psychiatrist, friends and relatives. Trust those you care for and love. Listen to them. Get Help. Please get help. We don't need another tragedy!
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