Ward Stories
(Column: Ward Stories)
Cindy Sostchen, Poetry Editor
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We are so pleased with the outstanding submissions we have been receiving for Ward Stories. We are a talented bunch!!

Diversity is the key and I am very proud to present these wonderful selections for this issue. But as varied as they are, and reflective of the authors' own voices, there is a similar theme. You will notice that each poem reflects on a Higher Power.

In "Waterbug Nation," Alexandra evokes images of the Lord as being a part of her; Caroline N. makes a direct plea to God for His help; and Pam Silvestri (whom you met in the August/September 1998 issue of New York City Voices) takes solace that her beautiful daughter is at peace in Heaven's Kingdom.

With the Holidays soon upon us, it is appropriate to offer our prayers—no matter what our religious/spiritual beliefs are, and have faith that we have the strength to carry on our individual journeys.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts with us in 1998. We have great expectations for 1999 and wish all our readers, authors and authors-to-be a happy and healing New Year!

Mental Prayer
By Caroline N.

It's been so long since I've been well,
Raise the dead or send me to hell
Please make up your mind,
try something new
I've done what I can
It's now up to you.

Waterbug Nation

By Alexandra Kulakis

Some nine months or ten years ago,
The war machine centered on Clinton, Manhattan.
Not to have his fodder claimed by the foe,
Our Lord lived, died (Committed Suicide)
And now resides by my side
And the war machines cropsey and twenty-third Brooklyn
to unwary babies : Take heed
(This is a lesson from I, "Little Seed")
"The Starwars Operation"
(Same in intent and content as need):
Enslaving new arrivals (Babies to be)
Enlisting star's body suits for wealthy
Capturing seed for germ infiltration,
Making money to buy yet another nation.
Avoid doctors, dentists, all mental institutions;
Avoid violence and drugs and all prostitution;
Avoid hospitals and other fast-food stations
Incredible is the media and all telecommunications.
Don't live by jealousy—be noble in deed.
True hearts to loyal lineage; spread your seed!

Express to Paradise

By Pam Silvestri ("Palma")

Traveler: Weary voyage through
Just shy two decades in age
and stature;
The "sixties" reflected in thought
and attire–
A child of the flowers:

In the springtime of her life
at a maiden's journey thru
exploration! discovery!
innocence! flirtation!

…Came a shroud,
blackened as the darkest night–
a cloud, a mantle–
cessation of such clarity of
mind, heart and soul!

A madness descended–a
sadness prevailed–
whilst lookers-on laughed–
that this could have been
their fate!!

The brevity of the sojourn
was sown in occupation,
In the depths of her being–
she perhaps, foresaw her self-demise!

Ah! Sweet Sixteen: you
plucked a sour grape for Lisa–
for the wrath of mankind–
still wretching in their bitterness
and social indifference!!!
NAY–her life did not end
in vain–by jumping underneath
the train!–Instead–began it did
with glee
In the Kingdom of all Eternity!!!
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