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We herald the arrival of spring!

The name Susan Osterman may be familiar to our readers as she is our Brooklyn Editor. However, I met her in the capacity of "poet"--and what a terrific one she is. I have read and enjoyed Susan's collection of poetry in a book entitled "A Head of Her Time" and I continue to enjoy her work. In "Alienation of Affections" and "Flickerings," one can see the correlation between the beauty of nature and the power of God.

The poems "Hush" and "The Bridge" were sent in by someone who had the good sense to realize that Rosemarie Calderelli's was a new voice which deserved to be heard!

I feel truly blessed that these lovely poems fell into my lap!

Alienation of Affections

By Susan Osterman

a time
i was

to swim gladly
aquarium sunsets
delirious daydreams
dashing dilemmas

and never think
and never think

The Bridge

By Rosemarie Calderilli

Scanning the harbor
Lighting the way to roads unknown
Seeking out the voyager
Creating an atmosphere of salt air
Sticking out our necks to see the pearlized globe
Seeking not our approval
Sticking out the game
Light is our enemy
Empathizing our prayer to heaven
and saying to God we are in need
Guidance is our peril
Strengthening is an encounter with nature
To spring we hold our golden torch
To God we owe our existence
No fear too great to intercede our belongings.


By Rosemarie Calderilli

Silence is golden
Tranquil and soft
Like the midsummer breeze
Like the down of a bird
Like the calm of the sea after a storm
Silence brings peace
Reaffirmation of God's presence ever near
As the sounds of dawn
The hush of the night
And the silent rising of the sun
God's magnificent silent symphony to man.


By Susan Osterman

the pink grey clouds
condensing overhead-
in my soul-
over the grey-rippled

the hill where
tobogganers never ventured

and the grandeur of
evening and-my God
sounding under in & above us

this is magnificent
the green vista
under pinkgrey clouds
the visiting insects
and the spirit of
Him all around me.
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