It's Time to Fight Back
(Column: Ask the Pharmacist)
Support a bill to end mail-order prescriptions
Steve Kaufman, RPH
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For years now we have all been complaining about our insurance companies. We have read horror stories about claims they haven't paid for life saving medical procedures and the medications they won't cover. Now is the time we can tell them we've had enough.

Does your insurance plan force you to use mail order to fill your prescriptions? Are you really satisfied with the mail order service or would you rather choose your own pharmacy? Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) companies force many people to use mail order for many of their insurance plans. They do this NOT for the patients' well being, but only for their own benefit. Families are put at risk when they are forced to wait for mail service. They could get immediate service at a local pharmacy of their choosing.

Local pharmacists are fighting this unjust system by trying to pass a law that:

1. Makes it illegal to force you to use mail order;

2. Make co-pays equal no matter what pharmacy you use; and

3. Allows a 90-day supply of medication at all pharmacies.

There is a bill in the state legislature right now that can make all of this a reality. Call your State Senator and tell him/her you support Senate bill S-2894. Call your State Assemblyperson to support Assembly bill A-02766.
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